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Can a famous astronaut adjust to life on earth?

Gap-fill exercise on Present Perfect.

Fill each gap in the following text with ONE suitable word. The first letter of each word is given:
On July 16th, 1969 Apollo 11 set off for the moon. After four days in space, Neil Armstrong w down the ladder of the lunar module and s onto the surface of the moon. It w a historic moment. Thirty years later, the three astronauts who made history h never planned any reunion to celebrate the anniversary of man's first step on the moon. The three space men have g a bit older and, although their attitude to h changed over the years, they have r friends.
Amstrong has r to give interviews about his private life. After Apollo 11, he w at NASA, he l in 1971 to become an engineering professor at Cincinnati University. In 1979, he g up teaching, and since then he has b working as a business consultant.
Andrew Chalkin, a space journalist, has been r the lives of the Apollo astronauts and has h unique access to them. He has just w a book on the subject. He says that Armstrong is not a very easy man to know, although he is very warm once you do get to know him.